Welcome to the “Provocations” blog.  According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, a provocation is an “action or speech that makes someone angry , especially deliberately.”  It derives ultimately from the Latin verb provocare meaning to “challenge.”  It is more in this latter sense that I have chosen the title of this blog: I seek to challenge commonly held assumptions and understandings of our civilization and culture.


Eventorum (Latin):  Occurrences or events, issues or outcomes.

My Eventorum are a selection of hot topics from what I am reading or listening to, apropos to this blog’s themes, accompanied by pithy one-liner commentary.

About Me

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My name is Tim and I am a husband and a father. I am a surfer, paddler and sailor – an aspiring waterman. I am also a writer and a poet.  These are my avocations.  As for my vocation, I am an Earth system scientist, or perhaps more accurately, I am a student of the Earth.  I study and model components of the Earth system, especially the water and energy cycles of our planet.

All of this makes me an activist too.  A passionate defender of Gaia, for without Her, there is no us.

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