Eventorum – Early Entries

4 March 2018: 

Towards equity, a novel social experiment, which I support whole-heartedly:
Food Stall Serves Up A Social Experiment: White Customers Asked To Pay More

12 February 2018: 

Chalk another one up for the ‘trinity of the unwise’:  “Sea level rise accelerating.” (American Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS).

5 February 2018: 

It is time to ban plastics… “Plastic pollution: Scientists’ plea on threat to ocean giants” on the BBC.

24 January 2018: 

A wake up call, if it could happen there, it could happen here.  “As Cape Town water crisis deepens, scientists prepare for ‘Day Zero’” from Nature.com.

10 January 2018: 

Chalk one up each for both the Ratchet Effect and Compounding Problems at work…


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